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Welcome to Midland Credit Union!

United Credit Union members, we welcome you to Midland Credit Union. Be sure to check out the  Zoom Webinar recording if you could not join us live for the announcement of the UCU membership vote.   Also, please take a moment to read a letter from our CEO, Randy Hass. Finally, at the bottom of this page, you will find a Question & Answer section which we hope you will find helpful.


In a recent vote, members of United Credit Union overwhelmingly voted in favor of a merger (84% of the vote) with Midland Credit Union based out of Urbandale, IA.  The official merger is set to take place on May 1, 2024. 

Regardless of whether you voted in favor of the merger or against it, you may be experiencing some of the same feelings.  Merger means change, and it is human nature to get anxious about change.  You may be asking yourself questions such as:  I like my current credit union, why do we have to change it?  The staff at United all know me and my family, I don’t know anyone at Midland, how will I be treated?  Why didn’t the Board and staff at United ask me for my opinion before they made the decision to merge?

These questions are normal and the simplest way for me to address them is to compare this with you buying a new pair of shoes.  You go to the shoe store with your spouse or a friend.  You try on various shoes, looking for the “right” ones.  This is what your elected Board of Directors at United Credit Union did.  They did their due diligence and explored other credit unions, exchanging information, asking questions, and interviewing their leadership.  They then brought before you the credit union they felt was the right fit for the United membership.

Let’s go back to the shoe comparison for a minute.  You’re at the store, select a pair of shoes, walk to the mirror, turning to each side, and walking up and down the aisle.  Your shopping partner says, “Those look great on you!”  You think to yourself, “I think so too”.  But you hesitate, because the shoes feel different than your current shoes; you think you are going to like them but you aren’t sure, they just aren’t the same.  You ask yourself why should I buy these shoes?  They look nice, and you hear other people are happy with these shoes.  The shoe brand has been in business a long time, so they must make good quality footwear.   Still, you ask yourself, why am I still trying to figure it out?

Not to oversimplify it, but shopping for new shoes is like the merger before you.  Midland Credit Union has been in the credit union business, serving its members for 91 years, and they continue to grow in membership.  So you think to yourself, “Midland must be doing something right.”  In the last five years, Midland has grown its membership by 17%, and much of that growth has come from recommended referrals from existing members, similar to your shopping partner who is suggesting you buy that new pair of shoes.  The Board and management at United faced just the opposite at their credit union, membership had shrank by -16% over that same five year period.

So back to the shoes.  You decide to purchase them and take them home.  At first, the shoes don’t feel as comfortable, and you question yourself again.  They aren’t your old shoes, but just like when your old shoes were new, it took a while to break them in and your feet to adjust to the size, fit, and comfort those shoes brought you.  The same is true with a merger; the thought of having your account number change or the credit union hours change is discomforting but over time you realize was it really that much of a change. 

Over the next few days, you realize you like some of the features that your old shoes didn’t have.  You like the added arch support, the stable heel, and how lightweight they are, feeling more confident that you picked the right shoes.  This is similar to what our two credit unions created by merging: a larger base of assets without a duplication of duties that results in a “lighter,” less costly credit union, and greater amount of Capital Reserves to help weather downturns in the economy. 

You may enjoy the fact you now have the option of purchasing a new home by taking advantage of Midland Credit Union’s First Mortgage options now available to you or the convenience of a Home Equity Line of Credit that you can access funds when you need them.  You might also enjoy the security that comes with our Mobile Wallet, providing a secure way to store your payment information on your smartphone.  Digital or “Mobile” wallets provide an additional layer of security because debit card data or credit union account information are never disclosed when making a transaction.  Because it is contactless, you do not have to physically use or carry your debit card.

Rest assured that the United and Midland Board and staff take serving their members seriously and will take every measure possible to limit any discomfort you may feel.  Change occurs in every organization.  The Midland staff will be there to answer your questions, assist with setting up your Online Banking and Mobile Banking, work behind the scenes to ensure automatic payments and deposits run smoothly, and most importantly, make you feel at home and at peace with your credit union. 

In the coming months leading up to the May 1st merger date, you will receive easy-to-follow instructions from Midland Credit Union to prepare you for the upcoming changes and reduce any inconvenience.  Like with the new shoes, we invite you to give Midland Credit Union a chance and discover for yourself the “Midland Difference!”


Randy Hass

Midland Credit Union CEO


Why did the Board of Directors choose Midland Credit Union as a merger partner?

In planning for the future, both credit unions realized that a combined organization would bring much greater strength and competitive advantages than each could provide on its own. Very simply, we want to bring members the best value from their credit union while ensuring that we continue to grow and thrive in an ever-changing financial services industry.

What can you expect as a member of Midland Credit Union?

Midland Credit Union is a financially strong institution that celebrated its 90th year of operations during 2023. What began as a credit union to serve employees of a Des Moines wholesale grocery supplier in 1933, has now expanded to serve over 5,100 members and their families in Iowa and across the country. Due to its investment in technology, Midland CU is able to allow 24/7 access to members and potential members through its online banking channel as well as its robust mobile app, which you can download onto your smartphone. As a member of Midland Credit Union, you can expect to be treated with respect and receive friendly service from staff who are willing to listen in order to assist you in the best way possible.

Data Processing Merger:

Midland and United CU data processing companies that store your account information have regular meetings to be sure the processing transition between companies will run smoothly on 5/1/2024.

United CU and Midland Credit Union will be closed on 5/1/2024 for our processor to be able to finalize the data files and your accounts in the Midland system. All Midland offices will reopen on 5/2/2024 at 8:30 a.m.

We will send out letters in Mid-April with more specifics.


  • Kim & Justina will both come to our Urbandale location for a week in March and a week in April to start receiving training on our system and processes. They will both be joining Midland as Member Service Representatives and after May 1st they will process transactions, open new accounts, take loan applications, and close loans. We will be adding another staff member to the team that will also have those same responsibilities.
  • We will have additional staff onsite from our other locations for the first few weeks of May to help make sure everything runs smoothly for the branch and the employees.
  • You may see Andrena in and out during the month of May as she helps finalize some behind the scenes activities.

Debit Cards:

  • You will receive new debit cards sometime after April 15th.  More information is coming soon.
  • Each account holder will have their own debit card number and will not share the same card number.
  • We will try to have the PIN transferred from your existing card, but it is possible that after May 1st you may have to call in to have it changed.
  • We will have temporary debit cards at the Council Bluffs location should anything occur, and you don’t receive your card you will be able to come to the branch anytime after May 2nd to receive one until you get your permanent card in the mail.
  • Our debit and credit cards are both mobile wallets enabled so after 5/1 you will be able to add them to your mobile wallet.
  • If you have recurring payments set up, you will need to be sure to provide them your new debit card number after 5/1.

Checks and ACH:

  • You will be able to continue to use your United CU checks for a period of time and the federal reserve will route them to Midland to process against your account.
  • Contact us after 5/2/2024 to have a new box of checks ordered with your Midland account number and bring your United CU checks into the branch to be shredded. We will give you the first box FREE, offer ends 11/30/24.
  • After 5/1/2024 please contact any companies that electronically credit or debit your account with the Midland routing number and your new account number.

Home & Mobile Banking:

  • Home banking is automatically signed up for primary account holders. Your username is your new account number. Your password is the first letter of your first name, your last name, and the last 4 of your SSN. For example, John Smith last 4 being 1234 would be JSmith1234.
  • Joint owners will need to call Midland CU at 515-278-1994 for home and mobile banking set up.
  • If you have any issues accessing home or mobile banking, call us at 515-278-1994.
  • You will be able to access your online and mobile accounts after 5/2, as well as sign up for our bill pay service and estatements. Please give us a call at 515-278-1994 for help.

Where else can I go to get more information about the merger or about Midland Credit Union?

Please refer to the Q&A section below. Should you have additional questions about the merger or about Midland Credit Union, call us at 515-278-1994.





Q. When will the merger become effective?
A. The merger has been approved by United Credit Union membership. The effective date of the merger is 5/1/24.

Q. Where can I find up-to-date information
regarding the merger?

A. Everything you need to know about the merger can be found on this special merger page.

Q. Will the Council Bluffs branch remain open?
A. Yes

Q. Will the credit union hours be changing?
A. Yes. The Council Bluffs office hours will change to match MCU’s hours of operation. (Mon., Tue., Thu., & Fri. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm; Wed. 9:30 am to 5:00 pm) MCU members also have 24/7 access via MCU’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking App. MCU members also have access to Co-Op Shared Branching.

Q. What is Co-Op Shared Branching?
A. A national network of credit unions from all
over the country that shares facilities, giving you over 5,000 convenient locations to perform transactions. The current list of available shared branch facilities can be found at www.Midlandcu.org/Shared-Branching.

Q. Will my account number change?
A. Yes. Your account and routing numbers and suffixes to your share and loan types will change. You’ll receive a letter with your new member account number(s) and routing number before 05/01/24.

Q. When will my account be active once the merger is complete?
A. Accounts go live on 5/2/24.



Q. What can I do to prepare for the merger?
A. If you use Online Banking, we suggest
completing the following items to prepare for
the merger:

-At a minimum, download your Year End
2023 and all 2024 statements for quick

-Schedule any online transactions before
5 pm on 4/22/24.

Q. Will I have a new Login/Password for Online and Mobile Banking?
A. Yes. On or after 05/01/24, you’ll create a
new Login/Password. If you need assistance,
please contact MCU at 1-800-747-1994, (515) 278-1994 or geninfo@midlandcu.org.

Q. How do I enroll in the New Bill Pay system on or after 05/01/24?
A. After setting up a new Login/Password for
Online Banking, click the menu button (3 vertical lines in the web page’s top left corner of the web page.) Then click “Bill Pay” to start setting up your Free MCU Bill Pay. Set up must be done on your computer and not on your smartphone. Once you have set up your Bill Pay account, you can use your computer or mobile app to make transactions and review history.

Q. Can I link my accounts at other financial
institutions to my MCU account for
easy transfers?

A. Yes. After setting up a new Login/Password for Online Banking, click the menu button (3 vertical lines in top left corner of web page). Then click “External Accounts” to get started linking your accounts. Set up must be completed on your computer and not on your smartphone. Once you have linked your accounts, you can use either your computer or the mobile app to manage transactions.

Q. Will I have access to MCU’s Mobile App?
A. Yes. Simply download the new app by
searching “Midland Credit Union” in the app store on or after 05/01/24. There are many services available on the MCU Mobile App, including Mobile Deposit, Loan Payments, Pay a Member (MCU Accounts), Bill Pay, Apply for a Loan, Set Alerts for your Debit and/or Credit Cards, Statements, and so much more!


Q. Are there other savings products offered by MCU?

A. Yes. MCU offers Money Market accounts that yield higher interest rates than a traditional Share Savings account. Additionally, your MCU checking account will be eligible to earn interest.

Q. Will I need a new Debit Card?
A. Yes. Existing UCU Debit Cards will not work after 04/30/24. New MCU Debit Cards will be mailed in a plain envelope by the end of April 2024. If you do not receive your NEW card by 04/30/24, please call MCU at (515) 278-1994 or 1-800-747-1994. Do not destroy your existing UCU Debit Card until after 05/01/24.

Q. Will my Debit Card PIN still work, or will
it change?

A. When you activate your new Debit Card, you’ll be prompted to set up your PIN, which can be the same PIN that you have been using, or you are welcome to change it.

Q. Will my recurring card transactions, set up with my existing Debit card, still work?
A. Any recurring payments on the current debit card must be re-established to include the newly issued Debit Card information.

Q. Do I need new checks?
A. Your checks will continue clearing for 6 months post-conversion. After 05/01/24, please bring in your checks for shredding, at which time we’ll order you one FREE box of checks. This offer ends on 11/30/24.

Q. What do I do about my automatic payments or direct deposits into my UCU account? (i.e., paycheck, pension, Social Security)
A. Direct deposits and automatic payments set up for your UCU account will automatically transfer to your MCU account. When you receive your new account letter, please notify the companies of your new account number and routing number. (MCU Routing # 273976181) Please contact MCU if you
need an official direct deposit document with your new deposit information.

Q. Will I have access to Digital Wallet with my MCU Debit Card?
A. Yes. You’ll have access to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay.

Q. Will payroll deductions, savings deposits, and loan payments be affected?
A. MCU will make every effort to work with
employers to have the deductions moved to
electronic/ACH credits without requiring your
involvement, but a signed form could be required. MCU will contact those members affected by this.



Q. Will my current loans change?
A. The rate and term of your loan will not change.

Q. Will I have more options when obtaining

A. Yes. MCU offers competitive rates on new or used autos, RVs, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, travel trailers, and more. You can also take advantage of personal loans or apply for an MCU Mastercard. Various mortgage loans are also available, including 1st mortgage loans, VA loans, FHA loans, along with home equity fixed-rate loans and home equity variable-rate lines of credit.



Q. Will my statements or eStatements look the same after the merger?

A. Your April 2024 statement, arriving at the
beginning of May, will be the same that you have always received. Starting in June, your statements will come from MCU and have an easy-to-read new look.

Q. Will I still have access to Telephone Banking (Matilda)?
A. No. The UCU Telephone Banking service will cease as of (04/30/2024). MCU members are encouraged to utilize Online Banking or Mobile Banking for quick access to their account information and transfers.