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Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

MCU Digital Wallet - A New Way To Pay!

Mobile Wallet

Once you’ve added your debit or credit card to a mobile payment platform, you can make purchases and check out or send money person-to-person with more convenience and security.

What is a Mobile Wallet?

Mobile Wallet lets you digitally store your debit or credit card on your compatible mobile device. Your mobile device can then access the wallet to complete purchases at participating locations rather than using the physical plastic card. Payment is made by placing your phone or smartwatch near the compatible terminal at checkout. Apple Pay and Google Pay also allow users to make person-to-person payments.

Secure and Convenient

When you complete a transaction using a mobile wallet:

·        Your name, card number, and security code stay private.

·        There is no need to pull out a plastic card when making purchases.

·        Your debit or credit card numbers are never shared with merchants.

·        The merchant receives only a transaction-specific code or “token” to process your payment.

Who can use mobile wallets?

Mobile Wallets are available for all Midland Credit Union debit and credit cards.

How to use Mobile Wallet?

·        Determine the type of Mobile Wallet you would like to use. See the full list below.

·        Download the Mobile Wallet App onto your mobile device.

·        Add your card information to the Mobile Wallet App.

·        Look for the Contactless Symbol when making a purchase.

·        Hold your phone or watch over the point-of-sale system to complete your purchase.

Pay with your smartphone.


Pay with your smartphone instead of your credit card or debit card. We offer a variety of payment platforms to make getting through the checkout line hassle-free and more secure.
Apple Pay – Apple Pay replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, more secure, and private payment method.
Samsung Pay – More than a wallet. Carry your favorite cards on your devices to pay in-person, in-app, or online.
Google Pay – Google Pay is a safe, simple, and helpful way to pay and manage your money.
Garmin Pay – Your Garmin device is already an important part of your everyday life, but with Garmin Pay contactless payment solution, you’ll have more uses than ever before. It’s the faster, more secure, convenient way to pay.
Fitbit Pay – Fitbit Pay makes shopping at your favorite places easy and hands-free. To make a secure payment, tap your watch or tracker anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol and go—no phone or wallet necessary. Fitbit Pay works anywhere you see this symbol.

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